Do your clients pay their invoices in 30-90 days?

Receive up to 90% of the value of your invoices and use frozen capital for expanding your business.

Smart working capital solutions

We help SMEs grow faster.

Invoice financing is a tool for your business

Reduce invoice payment terms from 90 days to one week.

About us

DEBIFO is offering a new alternative financing product for the Lithuanian market – invoice financing.

The DEBIFO system gives clients the opportunity to free up vital working capital that is 'frozen' in long payment terms. Take advantage of DEBIFO's financing services to turn a payment term of 30–120 days into just a few days.

DEBIFO invoice financing has numerous advantages over the factoring services provided by banks. DEBIFO does not require long-term contracts or collateral, and has no hidden fees. After completing a short registration form, clients can raise invoices for financing and receive the funds they need within a few days.

Mission and values

DEBIFO started operations in 2015 and now provides smart working capital solutions for small and medium-sized businesses (SMEs).

Our mission is to help SMEs expand their businesses and manage their cash flows.


The Bank of Lithuania encourages the promotion of alternative SME financing

In order to improve financing for small and medium-sized businesses, the Bank of Lithuania supports the creation of alternatives to traditional bank financing, also using investor funds to do so.

Over 85% of SMEs require external funding

Small and medium-sized enterprises often face a deficiency of external capital, and their access to financing is limited due to their short business history and lack of real estate collateral or personal guarantees.

Despite the country's economic growth, the business loan portfolio continues to decline

Lithuania's economy is maintaining a fast pace of growth, but its business loan portfolio has not grown since 2009. More accessible external financing is essential to the development of the SME segment.

More than half of SMEs plan to borrow due to a lack of working capital

Long settlement terms for services and goods hinder business development. Working capital financing is the second most important reason for borrowing, and is only slightly behind tangible investments.